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Two Color Printing

7001. Is two color printing supported?

Star SP700, Star FVP10, Star TSP100, Star TSP600, Star TSP650, Star TSP650II, Star TSP700, Star TSP700II, Star TSP800II, Star TSP828L, Star TSP1000 have full support for two color printing.

For thermal printer, you will need suitable two color thermal paper and software with support for the Star two color commands (or use a Star driver with two color support).

Star TSP800 does not have a dedicated two color command set, but there are commands to vary the head temperature which can be used to print different colors onto special red/black or blue/black thermal paper. For the best results, the printer should be slowed down to the 'Low Speed 2' (50mm/second) setting.

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7002. What is two color direct thermal printing and how does it work?

Two color direct thermal printing was developed by thermal paper manufacturers and is a method of printing two colors on thermal paper.

It works by applying different temperatures to areas of the specially treated paper. Lower temperatures cause the paper to change to a color and higher temperatures turn to black.

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7003. What do I need to do for two color thermal printing?

You must have suitable two color paper and a direct thermal printer supporting two color printing. Also, your software must support two color printing.

If your application is Windows based, you can use a Star Printer driver with two color support. However, if your software communicates with the printer directly, it must support the Star thermal color commands or be modified to support them.

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7004. Do I need special paper?

Normal thermal paper can only turn black with heat.

Please contact your usual paper supplier to see if they can supply two color thermal paper or contact your printer supplier / distributor who should be able to put you in contact with a known supplier.

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7005. What colors are available?

The available color depends on the paper that is used. We have seen and tested both red/black and blue/black paper types. Thermal paper manufacturers may produce other color paper types in the future.

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7006. Where can I obtain Star drivers capable of printing in two colors for my printer?

Please click Download to get the driver. If you cannot find it, please contact Star.

The printer driver of thermal printers has two color printing selection in printer property menu. Just use Red/Blue color in your application screen.

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7007. Can I store two color logo's using the logo store feature?

Yes, this feature is built in Star TSP600, Star TSP650, Star TSP700, Star TSP700II, Star TSP828L and Star TSP1000 printers.

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7008. Are Star thermal printer compatible with software designed for a Star dot-matrix printer with a two color ribbon?

No. The commands used for switching colors on Star thermal printers are different from those on dot-matrix printers.

In case of dot printer, 2 color command is <ESC> "4" , but this command is inverting printing command for thermal.

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