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SP700 Dot Matrix Printer

SP700 Gray

Features :

  • High Speed Throughput: 13 Receipts per Minute
  • Available with Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth
  • "Plug & Play" USB Drivers
  • "Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading
  • Internal Power Supply
  • All Accessories Included (Except Cable)
  • Installation with Full Driver Suite Included
  • Cloud Printer, Cloud POS Printer, Cloud Receipt Printer, Cloud Ticket Printer, Cloud Journal Printer

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


Built specifically to work in environments where heat and humidity can erode the type on the kitchen order, the SP700 is an ideal solution. This fast, two-color printer offers crisp, easy to read type for quick viewing, clamshell design for easy paper loading and an embedded power supply for space efficiency.

When equipped with Star's WebPRNT technology, the SP700 WebPRNT can support restaurants using a web-based application to provide a seamless transition from front of house to back of house operation.

Also available with Apple MFi certified Bluetooth interface, Star's SP700 BTi can support kitchens and back of house operations without wiring that can get in the way of its staff. The SP700 BTi supports all iDevices including iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® in addition to Android and Windows devices.

The SP700 is designed to make installation, utilization and maintenance as easy as possible for any user. The SP700 is ready to be used right "out-of-the-box." A CD with WHQL XP®, 2K®, Vista® drivers, Linux and Mac® OSX drivers and documentation is included with the printer, making it ready for operation immediately after purchase.




SP712【9 pin Tear Bar Version】
SP742 【9 pin, Autocutter Version】
SP717 【18 pin Tear Bar Version】
SP747 【18 pin, Autocutter Version】

General :

Printing Method 9 Pin / 18 Pin Serial Dot Matrix
Printing Speed Max. 4.7 lps (ANK 40 colums of continous printing) / Max. 5.5 lps (ANK 32 colums of continous printing)
Print Direction Bi-directional, Logic Seeking
Paper Feed Speed Max. 140 mm per second (when feeding continously)
Number of Columns 42 col (76mm paper); 32 col (58mm paper)
Character Matrix 7X9 (half dot), 5X9
Character size (mm)1.19(W) X 2.42(H); 1.49(W) X 2.42(H)
Character per inch (CPI)16.9; 14.1
Character Set 95 ANK 46; 46 International; Chinese; Thai
Code Page 40 code pages
Black Mark Sensor 9 position
Paper End Sensor Standard
Emulation Star Mode; ESC/POS™ Emulation
Data Buffer 8K Bytes
Program ROM Flash Memory

Paper :

Width76 ± 0.5 mm; 69.5 ± 0.5 mm; 57.5 ± 0.5mm
DiameterMax. 85 mm
Thickness0.07 to 0.10 mm
Copy CapacityOriginal and two copies, Max. thickness 0.2 mm

Ribbon :

Ribbon ColourBlack (RC700B); Black/Red (RC700BR)
Ribbon LifeRC700B : 3 million characters; RC700BR : 1 (Black)/ 0.75 (Red)million characters

Connectivity :

Interface WebPRNT(IFBD-HI02x); CloudPRNT(IFBD-HI02x), Bluetooth; Parallel; Serial(RS232C); USB; Ethernet
Peripheral Driver 2 Circuits, for driving solenoids etc (24V max., 1A)
(D.K.D Function)1 compulsion input


Mechanism10 million Lines, MCBF 22 million Lines
Print Head150 million Characters
Autocutter1 million Cuts
EMI Standard VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, CE Marking

Measurement :

Overall Dimensions 160(W) X 245(D) X 152(H) mm
Weight Tear Bar version : 3.0Kg; Autocutter Version : 3.2Kg

Accessories :

OptionsWall Mount; Vertical Mount; Paper Roll Holder; Buzzer


STAR SP700 Catalog - English Version [ 2770KB ]

STAR SP700 Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 1009KB ]

STAR POS Printer Catalog - 2020 English Version [ 4.67MB ]

STAR POS Printer Catalog - 2020 Simple Chinese Version [ 9.79MB ]

STAR STARIO SDK Introduction - Simple Chinese Version [ 3.17MB ]

STAR Cloud Print Introduction - English Version [ 4.32MB ]


Windows Printer Driver Backup Utility Manual [ 1.57MB ]

How to recover problems after Windows10 Update [ 2.30MB ]

Star Impact Printer Command Specifications [ 3.61MB ]

Linux CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 2.17MB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual (Legacy) [ 352KB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual [ 396KB ]

Mac CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 2.96MB ]

Tested Wifi dongle list for IFBD-HI01X/02X [ Click Here]

Star CloudPRNT Developer Guide [ Click Here]

WebPRNT User's Manual [ Click Here]

Set-up Manual for IFBD-HI01X [ 2.32MB ]

More manuals ...

Driver / SDK / Utility


STAR PS60A-24C Power Supply Guide - Current as of 2019 [ 471KB ]

STAR IFBD-HD03 / HN03 / HC03 Serial Parallel Interface Cards Guide - Current as of 2002.01.07 [ 13.4KB ]

STAR IFBD-HU05 USB Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2011.10.11 [ 138KB ]

STAR IFBD-HU08 USB Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2013.03.15 [ 325KB ]

STAR IFBD-HE08/HE08X Ethernet Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2015.12.07 [ 244KB ]

STAR IFBD-HE07/08 -BE07 Ethernet Interface Card User's Manual - Version 3.16 [ 7.12MB ]

STAR IFBD-HI01 Intelligent Interface Card Guide - English & Japanese Version [ 551KB ]

STAR Vertical Stand Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 221KB ]

STAR Wall Mount Bracket Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 264KB ]

STAR Buzzer Installation Guide - Current as of 2018.06 [ 1.09MB ]

STAR Splash Proof Cover Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 267KB ]

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