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FVP10 Vocal Direct Thermal Printer

FVP10 White

Features :

  • Have counter space challenges
  • Require a splash and dust resistant printer
  • Available with WebPRNT Ethernet Interface
  • Front Exit
  • Under-the-Counter Mountable
  • Platform Top Cover Increases Counter Space
  • Waterproof (IpX1 Certified)
  • Paper Saving Receipt Compression Tool
  • Voice Enabled Communication Tool
  • Ultra High Speed Receipt Printing (250mm/sec)

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


The FVP-10 is designed to bring an array of new benefits like front loading, onboard USB, receipt compression for paper saving and multiple mounting options due to its "platform" design combined with the high quality and high-speed printer performance that POS users have come to expect from Star.

Star has developed the FVP-10 to assist users who:

  • Have counter space challenges
  • Require a splash and dust resistant printer
  • Need to print a receipt as fast as possible to decrease customer wait time
  • The FVP-10 features an ultra high print speed of 250mm/second and front paper loading for easy paper roll changing. Its square design & front paper loading allow for it to either be easily under-counter mounted or used as a platform to mount other POS devices. The FVP-10 can support up to 7 pounds of accessories on its top. Text to voice feature enables users to communicate important information with both staff and customers. Voice alerts to remind an operator to start a specific task can easily be programmed.



    Printing MethodDirect Thermal Line Printing with drawer style paper loading and front paper exit
    Print SpeedMax 250mm/s
    Print Resolution203 X 203 dpi
    Double Density Graphics406 X 203 dpi (selectable)
    Printer Case DesignFlat top platform printer with splashproof downward paper exit & IXP1 certificate
    Top Margin13mm default ; 3mm selectable (under Full Cut Mode)
    Character setANK ; GB2312 ; Big5
    Barcodes 9 sets of 1 D barcode ; 2 sets of 2D barcode
    Voice Function Internal speaker plus audio jack connector for external speaker if need
    Sound Storage Up to 5 minutes (13Mbit) Flash Rom with sound management software - up to 255 voice commands
    Superior Graphics Management New high quality Image Import and Placement Software Tool
    Automatic Compression Mode72mm reduces to 52mm (576pixels reduce to 384 pixels)
    Paper Specifications:
    Width58 - 80 mm adjustable
    Media Type Receipts, Tickets & Labels (with Black Mark)
    Thickness0.065 - 0.15mm (65g - 150g)
    Roll Diameter83mm
    Paper Loading"Drop-In & Print" Easy Loading
    No of columns48 / 64 columns
    2-Color Print Capability Black & red ; Black & blue (Special Thermal Paper )
    EmulationStar Mode ; ESC/POS™ Emulation
    InterfaceBuilt-In USB as standard with 2nd port for Parallel, Serial, Ethernet & PoweredUSB options
    Mechanism60 million lines
    Autocutter 2 million cuts
    Overall Dimensions 144 (W) x 227.7 (D) x 114 (H) mm ; 144 (W) x 316.2 (D) x 114 (H) mm (with optional cable cover)
    Special Function:
    Standalone OperationPrinting a sequential number with logos and coupons by pushing the paper feed button (Special firware required)
    External switch with paper state warning function (Optional)
    OptionsCable Cover Unit ; Mounting Kit


    STAR FVP10 Catalog - English Version [ 2919KB ]

    STAR FVP10 Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 1581KB ]

    STAR FVP10 Catalog - Traditional Chinese Version [ 2111KB ]

    STAR POS Printer Catalog - 2020 English Version [ 4.67MB ]

    STAR POS Printer Catalog - 2020 Simple Chinese Version [ 9.79MB ]

    STAR STARIO SDK Introduction - Simple Chinese Version [ 3.17MB ]

    STAR Cloud Print Introduction - English Version [ 4.32MB ]

    STAR BCR12D Barcode Scanner Catalog - English Version [ 518KB ]

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    StarPRNT Software Installation Manual [ 3.5MB ]

    Windows Printer Driver Backup Utility Manual [ 1.57MB ]

    Bluetooth Utility Software Manual [ 187KB ]

    Linux CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 2.1MB ]

    How to install the Star JavaPOS Driver for Linux [ 56KB ]

    Star JavaPOS Software Manual (Legacy) [ 352KB ]

    Mac CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 33.6MB ]

    WebPRNT User's Manual (HTML) [ ]

    Set-up Manual for IFBD-HI01X [ 2.58MB ]

    More manuals ...

    Driver / SDK / Utility


    STAR PS60A-24B1 Power Supply Guide - Current as of 2012 [ 471KB ]

    STAR PS60A-24C Power Supply Guide - Current as of 2019 [ 471KB ]

    STAR FVP10 Series CAD Drawings - Current as of 2013.06.17 [ 750KB ]

    STAR IFBD-BE07/BE07X Ethernet Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2015.12.07 [ 455KB ]

    STAR IFBD-HE07/08 -BE07 Ethernet Interface Card User's Manual - Version 3.16 [ 7.12MB ]

    STAR FVP10 Sample Sound Files - Test the FVP10's voice functionality with these samples
    Current as of 2010.04.20 [ 665KB ]

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