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TSP700II Thermal Printer

TSP700II Thermal Receipt Printer

Features :

  • Ultra High Speed: 250mm/sec
  • Ultra High Class-Leading Reliability
  • Up to 0.15mm Paper Thickness
  • Connectivity: WebPRNT, LAN, USB, Serial, Parallel
  • Black Mark Label Support
  • Rear Paper Feed
  • Vertically Mountable
  • Cloud Printer, Cloud POS Printer, Cloud Receipt Printer, Cloud Ticket Printer, Cloud Label Printer

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


Building on the industry success of the TSP700 from Star Micronics, with a print speed of 48 receipts per minute (250mm/sec), the TSP700II is the best single station printer you can expect. The TSP700II now features a double resolution mode to increase sharpness to any graphic! Eye catching graphics for company logos and/or coupons are a print away. Its improved and sleeker design features a new top cover which extends to the edge of the printer making it more difficult for dust and liquids to penetrate and harm the printer. In addition to the extended cover, sound and vibration dampening channels within the printer help reduce printing noise and also add an extra layer of protection from moisture or dust when used in harsher environments. The TSP700II is ideal for high-volume retail establishments like lottery, grocery stores, healthcare, banking, and restaurants.

With high print speed, high reliability, black mark label support and vertical mounting support; Star's TSP700II WebPRNT is ideal for servicing label printing in a variety of applications ranging from date labels on prepared foods at a local deli to price labels in a retail boutique. TSP700II WebPRNT supports 2D barcodes, PD417 and QR codes. With WebPRNT technology, the TSP700II WebPRNT makes label printing from a web-based application fast and easy.



Series : TSP700II

Model : TSP743IIC Parallel interface

Model : TSP743IID Serial interface

Model : TSP743IIE Ethernet interface

Model : TSP743IIH Intelligence interface

Model : TSP743IIU USB interface

Model : TSP743IIW Wifi interface

General :

Printing Method Direct Thermal line
Print Speed Max 250mm/s or 53 receipt per minute
Print Direction Unidirectional with friction feed (Backfeed is available)
Paper Feed Speed Max.250mm/s
Printing Width 80mm(82.5mm paper); 72mm (80mm paper); 52mm (58mm paper)
Character Matrix 9x24 / 12x24 / 16x24 / 24x24
Character set ANK / GB2312 / Big5 / Japanese / Korean
Barcode 9 sets of 1 D barcode; PDF417; QR Code
Code page 40 Code pages + 1 Blank
Sensor BM/PE detection by 1 sensor; 2 cover open switch sensors; 2 Near End Sensors (Vertical & Horizontal Orientation)
Emulation Star Mode; ESC/POS™ Emulation

Paper :

Width 82.5;0.5mm; 79.5;0.5mm; 57.5;0.5mm
Roll Diameter Max. 100mm
Thickness 0.065 to 0.15mm
2-Color Print Capability Black & Red; Black & Blue (Special Thermal Paper)

Interface :

Interface RS232C (Serial); Parallel; USB 2.0; Ethernet; WebPRNT

Reliability :

Mechanism 20 million lines
MCBF 60 million lines
Print Head 150 million character
Autocutter 2 million cuts

Measurement :

Overall Dimensions 142 (W) x 199 (D) x 132 (H) mm
Weight 1.75Kg

Special :

Standalone Operation Printing a sequential number with logos and coupons by pushing the paper feed button (Special firmware required); External switch with paper state warning function(optional)

Accessories :

Options Vertical Mount; Buzzer; Splash Proof Cover;


Star TSP700II Series Catalog - English Version [ 431KB ]

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Star TSP700II Series Catalog - Traditional Chinese Version [ 957KB ]

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StarAsia CB2002 Cash Drawer Catalog - English Version [ 966KB ]

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Star TSP700II Hardware Manual (English) [ 2.40MB ]

Windows Printer Driver Backup Utility Manual [ 1.57MB ]

How to recover problems after Windows10 Update [ 2.30MB ]

Bluetooth Utility Software Manual [ 187KB ]

Star Line Mode Command Specifications [ 5.99MB ]

Star Line Thermal Printer ESC/POS® Mode Command Specifications [ 3.05MB ]

Linux CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 2.14MB ]

How to install the Star JavaPOS Driver for Linux [ 56KB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual (Legacy) [ 352KB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual [ 396KB ]

Mac CUPS Driver Software Manual [ 2.96MB ]

Tested Wifi dongle list for IFBD-HI01X/02X [ Click Here]

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WebPRNT User's Manual [ Click Here]

Set-up Manual for IFBD-HI01X [ 2.32MB ]

More manuals ...

Driver / SDK / Utility


STAR Star PS60A-24C Power Supply Guide - Current as of 2019 [ 471KB ]

STAR Star TSP700II Series CAD Drawings - Current as of 2011.09.21 [ 664KB ]

STAR IFBD-HD03 / HN03 / HC03 Serial Parallel Interface Cards Guide - Current as of 2002.01.07 [ 13.4KB ]

STAR IFBD-HU07 USB Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2013.03.15 [ 449KB ]

STAR IFBD-HE07/HE07X Ethernet Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2015.12.07 [ 367KB ]

STAR IFBD-HE07/08 -BE07 Ethernet Interface Card User's Manual - Version 3.16 [ 7.12MB ]

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STAR Vertical Stand Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 221KB ]

STAR Wall Mount Bracket Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 264KB ]

STAR Splash Proof Cover Installation Guide - Current as of 2010.12.07 [ 267KB ]

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