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TSP650 Thermal Printer

TSP654 Gray

Features :

  • High Reliability and Performance at a Low Cost
  • 80mm and 58mm Paper Support
  • Fast Printing (150mm/sec)
  • "Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading
  • Swappable Interfaces: Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Optional Vertical Stand; Warning Buzzer & Splash Proof Cover

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


This entry-level printer is a true all rounder and is capable of printing high quality barcodes for coupons or tickets on media up to 0.085mm.

The small and compact footprint printer has reliability built into literally every component, with the MCBF level of minimum 60 million lines between failures.

Enhanced guillotine cutter completes the list of well thought out components with the usual Star central partial cut allowing all hanging receipts, kitchen order etc, to hang patiently in straight line.



ModelTSP654 Autocutter Version
Printing Method Direct Line Thermal
Print Speed 150 mm per sec. or 19 receipts per minute
Printing Width 72.0mm (80mm paper); 50.8mm (58mm paper)
Character Matrix 9x24 / 12x24 / 16x24 / 24x24
Character Set ANK; GB18030; BIG 5
Barcode 9 sets of 1D barcode
Code page 40 Code Pages + 1 Blank
Paper Feed Speed Max.150mm/s
Paper Specifications :
Width79.5±0.5mm; 58±0.5mm
DiameterMax 83mm
Thickness 0.065 to 0.085mm
2-Color Print Capability Black & Red or Black & Blue (Special paper)
Sensor Paper End & Near End
Emulation Star Mode; ESC/POS™ Emulation
Power Supply PS60A-24A
Interface RS232C (Serial); Parallel; Ethernet; USB
Reliability :
MCBF60 million lines
Autocutter1 million cuts
Overall Dimensions142 (W) x 202 (D) x 132 (H) mm
Weight 1.72kg
Special Function :
Standalone Operation Printing a sequential number with logos and coupons by pushing the paper feed button. (Special firware required)


STAR TSP650 Series Catalog - Traditional Chinese Version [ 861KB ]

STAR TSP650 Series Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 1667KB ]

STAR TSP650 Series Catalog - English Version [ 286KB ]

STAR POS Printer Catalog - English Version [ 3.89MB ]

STAR POS Printer Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 13MB ]

STAR STARIO SDK Introduction - Simple Chinese Version [ 3.17MB ]


Star Line Mode Command Specifications [ 5.56MB ]

Star ESC/POS® Mode Command Specifications [ 2.40MB ]

Software Manual for Linux CUPS Driver [ 1.2MB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual [ 338KB ]

Software Manual for Max OS X CUPS Driver [ 3.0MB ]

More manuals ...

Driver / SDK / Utility


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