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Rewrite Card - SRC-E5GC Blue Rewrite Card - Thin

Features :

  • Appointment Card : Hospital, Dentist, Health Check, Beauty House, Salon, etc.
  • Membership Card : Beauty House, Salon, Sport Club, Restaurant, College,Chain store, etc.
  • Transportation Card : Highway, Subway, Airline, Ferry, Tunnel, Car park, etc.
  • Prepaid Card : Department Store, Hotel, Gaming Arcade, Cafe Shop, Parking Lot, etc.
  • Loyalty Card : Supermarket, Shopping mall, Restaurant, Gas Station, Karaoke, etc.

Introduction / Specification / Manual :


Star imported the rewrite card into HK, China and South-Asia market since 1993 and has many kinds of rewritable card technology that can fit most customer's needs. Now, Star Rewrite Card is getting popular in Japanese market as well as in SEA, HK & China.

Star Rewrite Card is easy to carry and shows your customer the important information. Customer satisfies with the Star Rewrite Card and you can expand the business opportunity at the same time.



Foreground character colorBlue
Rewritable times500+
Printable Area320dot X 480dot
Card thicknessApproximate 0.28mm
Character per line20 Chinese characters X 13 lines; 40 English characters X 13 lines
Magnetic StripeTrack 1/2/3 Read & Write, ISO Standard
Applicable ModelTCP300, TCP310, TCP310II & TCP300V


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